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This is changing people's lives

We have gotten stuck in our habits and thought patterns. We KNOW we want to feel better and have tried everything and we can't seem to get past what's holding us back. 


Are you tired of being frustrated and feeling confused about how to have lasting change?

What if it didn't have to be like this? I've got good news for you - it doesn't have to. Keep reading...

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The world around us is hurting…

Stress, anxiety and depression are up by 70%


Antidepressants are up by 400%


Too many people are wearing the "I'm Fine" mask and suffering in silence


And you know some of those people…


Perhaps you ARE or WERE one of those people…


We are living in uncertain times


People are scared and something needs to happen...

We need to take massive action to change where we are headed...

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Mind Body Medicine

The power for change is already inside you. Using 9D Breathwork you have the ability to tap into the area of your brain that makes the decisions for you - whether you are aware or not. It's called your subconscious mind.

By tapping into the subconscious mind, we are able to release negative thought patterns keeping us stuck, emotional traumas that us in a repetitive loop unable to make lasting changes, and the attachment to stories that are attached to past memories and experiences. 

The fully guided journey combines the power of conscious connected breathwork with a cutting edge 9D multi-dimensional sound experience that empowers you to rewire the way you think and feel about your past experiences and how you manage stress moving forward.

Experience a 5 minute sample of 9D Breathwork


This is your invitation to a powerful, transformational journey like nothing else you've ever tried

If you've been looking for a different course of action and not sure what to do, let me share something...


What you’re doing IS CLEARLY NOT WORKING

  • Therapy

  • Medication

  • The next online workshop or seminar


What if you had a way to...

  • Rapidly heal trauma (without even needing to talk about it)

  • Feel empowered by reconnect to your joy, happiness and inspiration

  • Discover the most life-changing experience

  • Remove the mental blocks that have been holding you back


And all you needed to do is lay back, listen to the guided journey, and breathe

Would you do it?

9D Breathwork Offerings

Monthly Womens Circle

(private, women only)

An intimate gathering for intention setting, a 9D Breathwork session, cacao ceremony, and journaling.

Private Group

or Individual Session

Bring the 9D Breathwork experience to the comfort of your own home. 

Local Hosted Event

Join us at one of the hosted events around town. Pre-payment is required to RSVP your spot.

Online Session

Not local? No problem, we have online workshops available each month.

Limited space is available and some sessions have sold out. Each week we add new journeys.

If you are ready to be guided on a journey into your nervous system to clear trauma and limiting beliefs, shift anxiety, depression and negative thoughts, click the button above. Together we will deeply restore and align your body to optimum health.

Are you a yoga instructor, energy worker, massage therapist, physical therapist, or other health service provider that LOVED your journey with Susie and want to bring 9D Breathwork to your space? 

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