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Susie Bower

It's kind of ironic that sometimes we have to experience a tragedy before we realize what we have. 


For me it wasn't until my 20's when I woke up one day and my legs felt weird.  That weird feeling soon turned into excruciating pain in my low back, followed by both legs randomly going numb.  I had a ruptured disc between L4 and L5.  The neurologist also warned me I had a few other discs that didn't look great - they were degenerating.  I ended up having a laminectomy at age 20.  Recovery from this surgery was the most intense and painful things I had ever gone through and this had a HUGE impact on my life.

I re-evaluated my entire life, my future.  Everything.  After I recovered, I decided I wanted to help others feel better and decrease pain.  Perhaps I could help them to never have to go through the pain I just did.  I became a massage therapist since that was something that helped me.  

Unfortunately, I would have clients come on to my table with so many issues that could easily be prevented if they just moved a little more and ate a little more healthy.  This prompted me to continue to grow my practice and become a personal trainer and group fitness instructor.  Now I was able to help people treat their body better and they were coming to my massage table with less chronic pain and health issues and more to just treat themselves or for a sports massage to work on their athletic performance.

As I continued down my own path of growth, I discovered yoga and meditation.  They came at the absolute most perfect time.  I was in a dark place mentally, therapy was only bringing up past emotional traumas I had worked so hard on keeping buried.  Yoga and meditation truly saved my life, it was the only therapy that allowed me to go deeper, deal with my past and work through it so I could thrive in my future.  I looked my demons in the face and finally understood why I was masking my pain and coping. I am happy to say I am a little over 9 years sober.

Through my journey, I began to experiment with my nutrition.  Trying many types of eating styles, keeping the ones that worked well and chalking the others up to learning lessons.  I have discovered that Intermittent Fasting was incredibly healing for my body.  It freed me from being a slave to the clock, mood swings, being constantly hungry and finally allowed me to enjoy large, filling meals.  I have also had great success with eating the foods for my blood type, as well as my dosha and following Ayurvedic principles.  Education in nutrition, gut health and female hormones has been what filled my cup and allowed me to help more women and in turn, their families as well.  I have traveled the world and experienced various cultures and foods.  Adapting and evolving my health with each adventure.  My do it yourself approach to my health is know now as biohacking. I like to call it being an OptimizHer and have developed a program designed for women to become their best self with a whole body wellness approach. 

After I became a mom, educating myself with studies in kid's nutrition was a no brainer for me.  Most families have picky eaters, parents who worry about the nutritional health of their kids and the obesity epidemic is starting at a younger age every year.  The parents need the education, it starts with them.

Fast forward to present day.... Remember those other discs my neurologist warned me about?  Well, 20 years later one more gave out.  In September 2018, I found out I had a herniated disc in between L5 S1.  It lead to extreme pain deep in my right glute, loss of muscular function and strength in my right leg and foot as well as complete numbness all the time in my right calf and foot.  July 30, 2019 I had a microdiscectomy to get the disc off of my nerve.  Since I went into this surgery extremely healthy, the recovery went much better than my first surgery.  Helping others who are going through this has now become a passion of mine.  Unless you're going through this yourself, it's hard for others to understand.  It's not something that can be seen from an outside perspective, we feel alone in our struggle and sometimes people don't even believe the amount of pain we are experiencing.  We don't have to suffer with physical pain - it can be healed WITHOUT drugs!!

Now I take my 20 years of my own experience and my variety of clients to help women and kids on a global level. Health is not a one size fits all and I teach you how to completely individualize your health and nutrition to your specific body and goals.  You will learn how to listen to your body, create a balanced life in all aspects of your life, enjoy quality sleep, lower your stress and anxiety to optimize your overall health and live your BEST Soul Powered Life!

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