My Favorite Things

These are some of my favorite food items I use pretty much every single day!  They are easily ordered on Amazon or links will take you to the product's website.  Some of these are affiliate links and by clicking on them, I may earn a small commission.  When ordering from the links, you are helping my social media channels grow by supporting this small business so I can continue to research and provide valuable content.  Some of the affiliate links will give you a sweet discount too!  


My absolute favorite ghee!  They also make plain and himalayan sea salt - I have all four flavors!

I use almond flour more than any other flour, so I like to buy in bulk.  This has been the best one I've tried so far.

Low acid coffee is the only way I can drink coffee.  I have tried every single brand on Amazon, these are my favorites.  K-Cup ones and coffee grounds.

Living in Japan kinda spoiled me when it comes to delicious green tea.  I love these two brands, one is a convenient tea bag and the other is a powder. 

I use this hand whisk to blend EVERYTHING!!  Works great for the powdered green tea to my MCT oil powder for my coffee.

These two make a wonderful pair and I drink this every night!  Butterfly Pea Tea is the most beautiful tea you will ever see, when you add the Natural Calm it turns into a beautiful purple shade!  Check out my blog post about the benefits of Butterfly Pea Tea.

My chicken enchilada recipe (see blog post) is a staple in our house!  The kids both love it too!  I've found that the price to order quinoa in bulk is so much cheaper, so this is my go to brand.

I used to only use MCT oil, then I was approached by the owner of this MCT oil powder to try it. After chatting back and forth to determine how it's made and the quality, I tried it and am not disappointed!  Now its really the only MCT oil I use now, it's much less messy than oil and blends well into hot and cold beverages.

These make a great topper for yogurt, acai bowls or any healthy dessert!  


This is the book that launched my kombucha journey!  It has all the info you need to start brewing kombucha at home.  

I bought a very large continuous brewing vessel from a local store, but it had a plastic spigot so I switched it out for this stainless steel one.

I blend these two teas to brew my sweet tea for my kombucha.  Great flavor and high quality!

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