You don't have to feel this way anymore, are you ready to have a powerful conversation?

I’ve documented my simplified process for achieving long-term results (without going on restrictive fad diets or spending hours in the gym)…and it’s now available online.

Inside this program, you’ll discover:

  • How to have excess body fat melt off without going on restrictive fad diets that leave you feeling hangry and deprived…​
  • Why you can never seem to get long-lasting, permanent results from diets and what’s been holding you back every single time keeping you in this never-ending dieting cycle…
  • How to end the diet mentality so you don’t have to keep jumping from one failed diet to the next only to be left with empty promises and tighter clothes a few weeks after you stop the diet…
  • My “Choose Your Own Adventure approach” that puts you back in control while allowing you to discover what YOUR body needs – no more listening to the self-proclaimed internet diet gurus that will just put you on a cookie-cutter plan and take your money, leaving you with no support.
  • How to stop blaming yourself, and thinking you failed, and discover how to simplify your health so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming.
  • ​The Foundations isn’t just for you, you’ll see your results trickle down and cause a ripple effect to those you love and care for allowing them to become self-aware in their body so they don’t fall for the lies and pressure of society like we did.
Join the 5 Day Kickstart

The Foundations 5 Day Kickstart is the perfect way to get out of the funk of your weight-loss journey. You will identify what is preventing you from achieving your weight loss goals and provides you with the tools and strategies to help you reach your goals. It’s complimentary to join, so why not get started today?

The Foundation
Join the 5 Day Kickstart

The diet industry is a billion-dollar industry that makes money by overcomplicating health so you continue searching for what will work, creating overwhelming rules and then blaming your willpower when you “fall off”, and thrives on making you feel not good enough.

The diet industry has partnered with the beauty industry and its unrealistic standards that leave you picking apart your flaws and constantly thinking something needs to be “fixed”.​

Don’t forget the other partner, the pharmaceutical industry that will sell you a pill that only leaves you with more issues (that they conveniently have a pill for too).

They need you to stay in this constant cycle so they continue to make money from your vulnerability and insecurities. They don’t profit if you are well, so they have to keep you dependent on them.

The Foundations puts the power and control back to you so you never have to rely on their “solutions” again by getting to the bottom of what’s been holding you back.

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You’re not stuck,

you’re attached to your story…

How many times have you told yourself being healthy is hard?

Truth is, there are MUCH harder things, like severe depression, being dependent on meds, living in constant chronic pain, and a deteriorating body that leads you to the operating room…

I’ve lived in a healthy body and a body where depression owned my mind and pain crushed my quality of life. There comes a point in your life where you have to choose your hard.

The Foundations was created so you don’t have to wait until your body gives out to make that choice.

You're not stuck

Why we're getting away from social media by using an exclusive app

Tanya Williamson Mom of 3

I never could have imagined that my family would be impacted by my healthy choices. We have all learned so much. I can't stop thinking about how much our life changed in 3 short months. We all feel better now I feel better knowing our teenager and pre-teen are more confident AND healthier.

Carissa Carpenter Tech Start-up Executive

The Foundations is absolutely incredible, from start to finish. It was actually fun being in the beta test group for the program. I hope you feel as amazing as I do now!

My friends even noticed a difference in my moods, my skin, and the way my clothes fit.

Brittanie Morris Mom of 2

I thought waking up tired and dealing with low back pain by mid-day was normal. I never have any energy for my kids. In the first month, I was waking up feeling refreshed and noticed no more pain in my back or shoulders. My body and mind continued to get better, I can not thank you enough Susie!!

Sarah Johnson Senior Developer

When I started the program, I kept looking at myself in the mirror, wondering how I even got here. I have been on every diet on this planet and nothing has ever worked, especially months after a program. The Foundations actually works. I haven't had to diet and I finished almost 6 months ago. I have easily maintained my weight, I feel amazing in my skin, and I've stopped comparing my body to everyone on social media. That is HUGE for me!!

Here's everything you get...​

write your own story

3 month online program

Not another program you buy and forget about. The content is juicy and engaging to keep you wanting to learn more! ​
The Foundations is a program like no other with a Choose Your Own Adventure approach to learning and measuring progress, putting the control back into your hands.

Exclusive App

Exclusive private app

The group will not be hosted on a social media platform that is distracting and competing for your attention.
​ Our app allows you to check in, see your progress, and stay connected to our group using your phone or computer.

1to1 support

1:1 support and bi-weekly group calls

A program is not effective if you buy it and then are left on your own to figure it out. You will have constant support in our exclusive community With two 1:1 calls and two group calls each month (one call is a bonus 9D breathwork session), private community support, and an exclusive app for tracking what matters for you and your goals, the high level of accountability will set you up for success. ​

Exclusive bonuses


Program Equipment

When we start to incorporate movement, some may start with body weight, while others may need more challenge. There's no need to buy a gym membership, you can do everything at home. I want to provide you with tools that set you up for success that you can also grow with as you progress. The equipment will be chosen based on your needs and shipped directly to your door.

*Equipment may vary from items show depending on availability.

Executive Online Workouts

Exclusive Online Workouts

Just like you are in a class with Susie! These workouts were designed exclusively for The Foundations to meet you where you are in your fitness level, even if you've never worked out before. It's not just about moving, it's understanding why it is important, where you should feel it, and doing it with proper form.

*A bonus private form check video call is included with the program

3 months app access

3 Month Access to the Neurofit App

NEUROFIT™ is the world’s first Nervous System Trainer: helping you regulate, balance, and optimize your nervous system with daily check-ins, biometric measurements, on-demand exercises, and personalized insights. ​

On average, active members report 54% less stress after 1 week.

​ What can be impacted by Nervous System Fitness:

- Quickly Reduces Stress + Anxiety
- Enhances Focus + Creativity
- Improves Emotional + Mental Clarity
- Optimizes Sleep + Accelerates Recovery
Boosts Immunity + Digestion

​ * Susie is a Certified Neurofit Trainer

monthly private 9d

Monthly Private 9D Breathwork Online Sessions

Unlock the hidden connection between your emotions and your weight with our exclusive bonus. Delve into the heart of your struggles, releasing the emotional anchors that have bound you for far too long.

This transformative tool is your key to shedding the weight of the past and stepping into a future of freedom, empowerment, and lasting well-being. ​

The monthly session will include an integration circle afterwards to get insight on processing the experience.

​ * Susie is a Certified 9D Breathwork Facilitator

Meet Susie

Her coaching and knowledge isn’t coming from reading a book. She has overcome every obstacle, learned from it, and helps other women through her lived experiences with depression, chronic pain, injuries and surgeries, motherhood and so much more.

transformation of mother of two with no dieting


Nope, in fact after you finish this program, you will never have to go on another diet again!

​ The whole design of The Foundations is to help you understand what has been in your way, holding you back from achieving results from anything you've ever tried in the past. ​

You will discover how to overcome the obstacles, understand what your body needs, and work with your body and nervous system instead of against it - which will result in you never having to go an another diet again!
Are you at the point in your life when you are done settling for:

- constantly living in pain
- waking up feeling tired
- hating having to get dressed because nothing fits or it just feels uncomfortable to wear
- having little to no energy throughout your day
- getting irritated and snapping at your loved ones
- tired of feeling frustrated about what to eat, what exercises to do, or what "healthy" even is
- over the diet cycle of going on a diet, losing some weight, feeling hungry all the time, getting sidetracked, over-eating, feeling guilty, starting another diet
- seeing your habits trickling down to your child(ren) and not wanting them to be where you are and feel what you feel when they get older

If you answered yes to one or more of those, you are ready to take ownership of your life/choices and completely step away from the current mindset that got you here today - then you are ready.
I believe in giving lifetime access to my programs so you always have the ability to refer back to something if needed.

The support of 1:1 calls and group calls will end after the 3-month program (unless you choose to continue support with a membership renewal).
Yes and the reason is, this program will not be for everyone. There is an application process in order to be qualified as a client. ​

Anyone can go out and buy a cookie cutter fitness program online, that's not what this is. You will be getting 1:1 time with me where we will be customizing a plan specific to your body and current needs, joining an exclusive, using a customizable app to help you ditch the dieting for good. ​

Over 20 years experience has gone into this program to ensure you get the service and attention you deserve.