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Masterclass Miniseries

They have suppressed this information long enough. It's time to reveal the hidden truths big food & big pharma don't want you to know. This miniseries will take you on a deep dive to uncover why they need you to stay sick, tired, undernourished, and dependent on them to "save" you.

The schedule for the topics will be posted soon - get on the waitlist to get a notification of the live video event and link to join. There will be time for questions after each video when you join live. A replay of each topic will be available upon request, link will be below after the live event has been recorded.

Digestion, Bloating, and Toxic Waste

Gas, painful cramping, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea can indicate your gut is having a difficult time processing the foods you have eaten. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, this miniseries will reveal how to identify causes that lead to your digestive stress and how to naturally alleviate these symptoms without pharmaceuticals.

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There's a Pill For That

Got a headache? Take an aspirin. Can't sleep? There's a pill for that. Cramps? Don't worry, there's a pill for that. Gas, bloating? Definitely a pill for that. For every ill, there's a pill. So what's the problem? Pills don't get to the real issue or the root cause. They simply mask and/or suppress the symptoms, providing a band-aid, but not a true solution. This miniseries takes a deeper look at the quick fix mentality and how we've lost touch with our body's ability to heal.

Prescription Medication

Movement is More Than Just Exercise

Have you heard the saying "movement is medicine"? It's absolutely true, our body was meant to move. We often think we have to do hours of cardio or a dreaded workout and this is farthest from the truth! In this miniseries I will share movement that matters and why you can stop doing workouts you hate and killing yourself on the cardio machines. There are so many better ways to move your body in a way that doesn't feel like work and you actually enjoy - and why that's important.

Workout Friends

Are Breast Implants Really Safe?

That's what we are told by the companies that manufacture them. You know, the same companies that make billions of dollars from our insecurities, the same companies that put the highest warning - the FDA Black Box Warning on the implants knowing way more than they have shared publicly. There's a reason thousands of women, including myself, have had their breast implants removed - and it's not because we are trying to be trendy. If you are considering getting breast implants or already have them, this miniseries is for you!

Explant - Removing Breast Implants.png

The Best Diet For You

They have convinced you that you need to be on a diet to have a healthy body. They have lied to you and purposely manipulated you to create confusion so they can profit from the insecurities they sold you. What if you never had to go on another diet again? How would it feel to trust yourself around food, to know what makes you feel good, and be so in tune with your body that you don't need someone else to tell you what works best for you?

Diet Plan

Bedtime Habits

Quality sleep does not get the credit it deserves! If you are feeling tired when you wake up or even due=ring the day, chances are your bedtime routine plays a major role in that. So the good news is, you don't have to feel like that anymore - but it will require some changes on your end. Don't worry, they are super easy! 

Sleeping with Eye Mask

Time To Unfollow

Have you noticed that our society has become more and more obsessed with celebrities over the years? We know more about their entire life than we do about the health of our own body! Then when you bring in the damage of constantly comparing your body, life, income, clothes, hair, face, etc. to the celebrity... Why do you think you spend so much time scrolling over their posts and need to know what they are doing? Well, I've got a few things to share to bring light to something you probably don't even know is happening!

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