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GroovePages vs. Kajabi

Updated: Oct 18

I've been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. I was never the type of girl that enjoyed working for someone else. As my business has grown through the years, so has my online presence, not just through social media, but my website as well.

There has been many sleepless nights in front of the computer trying to update my website or completely rebuild it from the ground up. The growth I have experienced in this past year has been welcoming, however it also showed me where my business needed to change.

My websites have been hosted on Wix for over 13 years now. I have been with them since they began, as they grew and added features, so did I. Unfortunately they aren't at the level I need right now as I follow the requests of my clients and create online classes and webinars. At the current moment, I have a yearly subscription for hosting my website, monthly subscription fees for form builders, funnels, sales and landing pages. It's way too much work trying to make sure everything syncs up together and plays nice. I need something to streamline everything. A software platform that is all in one.....

In my research, there were several platforms that stood out - Kajabi being one of the front runners. It's biggest con was how expensive it was. After redoing my website more times than I can count, I knew this next overhaul was going to be my last. At the price point Kajabi is at, I NEED to know this was going to be it, this was going to be a BIG jump in what I am currently paying and the commitment on my part is huge because I don't have the extra money in my budget to pay someone to do it for me. Honestly though, even if I did have the extra money, I probably wouldn't pay someone else to do it because I actually enjoy learning how to do it so I am able to fix or change things ASAP if needed.

As I was discussing my plans to commit to Kajabi, I had 2 people in my business mentor group mention looking at Groove Pages.

This company never showed up in my research and now I know why. It is a fairly new company that has been plugging away at building an incredible platform under the radar. They are still in beta testing for some of the features, but you can still create a website, funnels, sales pages, storefront and more right now! When beta is over (most features will be released by the end of 2020) it is going to blow the competition out of the water! As I started looking into this company, I saw their growth was insane!

The fact that they have a free option with more features than all of the competition is mind blowing! Since they are still in beta testing, they don't have a monthly option, but they do have an outstanding offer to get ALL of the features and pay a ONE time payment as a Platinum subscriber. If you have done any comparisons of the other companies - you will absolutely see the value in this! Since they only want your name and email (no credit card required, not a free trial period), I went ahead and signed up for the free account to see what it was all about.

After playing around a bit, I knew this was what I was looking for. However, before I make purchases or commitments like this, I like to consult with my husband. He was already on board with me getting Kajabi, so since LIFETIME access for the Groove Digital software was less than what I would pay for ONE YEAR of Kajabi, I thought it was a no brainer. His first question was - well how do you know they are just going to take the money and run or quit the business? Holy hell, I never thought of that. So I looked into it even more. I started to ask around who was using it, how long they had been using it and who was running the company. My mind (and my husband's) was put to ease after looking a little deeper. I looked into the founders of the company and there's no way they are trying to run a scam on anyone. They are legit and this company is legit.

So if you are a business owner looking to host webinars, teach online classes and/or sell online and want a streamline platform that also includes your funnels, website, blog, streaming videos, mail service - then THIS is the platform for you! You can always start with a free account and try it out like I did, their free membership is actually pretty robust in its features. I eventually chose to go Platinum, I like the idea of NOT having a ton of monthly subscriptions and different websites for them all. Plus I wanted lifetime access to everything they offer at one price.

Of course, I'm new to it, so I don't know how many questions I can answer for you yet. As with anything new, there is a learning curve. They do have several tutorials available for all of the features, as well as Digital Academy and tons of learning videos on each of their features. So far I am LOVING IT!! As much as I loved the ease of building a website with Wix, this one is much easier AND faster. There are so many premade templates for any page you would need to build.

Here's the thing, they are in beta testing right now and that's why the Platinum price is so low - but they are projected to roll out a few more features by end of the year and come out of beta. This also means monthly subscription and a higher price, so check it out now to save a ton of money!!

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