• Susie Bower

Growing Up Healthy with Addison

Addison did something that seriously brought tears to my eyes....

She decided since we were going to be under home quarantine and home schooling for a few more weeks, she wanted to do something to share value with kids. She set a goal of creating a YouTube channel to be her platform to spread her positivity and healthy message.

Today we made her first video. She was a little nervous, so she asked for my help. She promised she would get in front of the camera more as we build her channel 💕

Please show her some love and support on her new YouTube channel, Growing Up Healthy with Addison. She asks that you subscribe to her channel and like her first video if you see value in it and to please share with the kids in your life 😁

Here's her first video - Glitter Germs Experiment 👉 https://youtu.be/SIBISshILNM

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