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Like putting chocolate on poop...

Ladies. We gotta talk...

This is one of the most common things I see women do. They come to me for help after they have tried everything. They have cut their calories, they have started a new workout program, stopped eating fast food, and started to make more meals at home but they haven't seen the results they expected. They are frustrated and begin thinking something is wrong with them.

So to set the record straight - NOTHING IS WRONG WITH YOU, YOU ARE NOT BROKEN. Maybe you don't have all of the information, or maybe you have the information and are overwhelmed with everything. Maybe you don't realize it doesn't have to be this hard.

Releasing excess body fat will naturally happen when your body has the right environment - inside and out. If you are not providing it what it needs, there will be a slowdown in your results. Before you start thinking, oh it must be my hormones or my leaky gut, there is one thing that can help both of those issues and MANY MORE...

One of the first questions I ask is about their sleep. We did into every aspect and 9 times out of 10, we uncover several things that are slowing their results. So instead of changing ALL the things, we pick one together that seems doable and that will have a significant impact. Again, 9 times out of 10 THIS moves the needle on her results. She starts to see some changes, once she gets into a good habit and routine, then we look at other things we can improve.

Sleep is one of the most underestimated things we do as humans. We live in a hustle culture where "you can sleep when you're dead" mindset - which is complete garbage. Having this mindset and belief will get you closer to the grave at a more rapid pace. Your body NEEDS rest. Not just a few hours - it needs adequate rest based on YOUR body's needs. So many important things happen during your sleep cycle and if you are not providing an optimal sleep environment, your results will show that.

The typical "sleep 6-8 hours" is a blanket statement. WHEN you sleep those 6-8 hours MATTERS. The QUALITY of those 6-8 hours MATTERS. If you are not seeing the results you desire, I'd be willing to bed your sleep is part of the issue.

This is one of the many things we address in the Soul Powered Mind & Body Method (next launch is in one week), so if you would like to chat about your dessert problem to see how we can team up to tackle your obstacles together, let's hop on a quick 30-minute call.

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