Putting on a CGM

It's finally here!! My CGM from SuperSapiens has finally arrived and I am eager to get started. The app is currently only available in certain European markets. At the time of writing this blog post, it is available in Germany, France, Italy, The United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, and Ireland.

Normally it will come with two sensors for the month, but with the delay in the mail, I ordered an extra to have on hand so there wouldn't be a lapse in my readings. They offer a subscription service to have it auto-shipped to your house, so I went with that. You also have the option to order as you need them.

I am already very happy with their customer support. I was having some trouble downloading the app and their customer service was very prompt in replying to my messages and helping me to get it figured out.

As a non-diabetic wearing a device for diabetics, I want to be sensitive to them. After reading my previous blog post you will see why it's important to me and my health. I also understand that in some countries CGMs are completely covered by insurance and other places they are not. Some countries, CGMs are limited to only Type 1.

I would hope by making the device more readily available to the general public, it would in turn bring the cost down, making it easier for everyone to afford, including Type 2 diabetics that it's not covered by insurance. With everything a CGM can teach you, I think it's very foolish for insurance companies to not cover it. By providing them for everyone who needs them, it could save millions in healthcare expenses in diabetes related complications. It makes you wonder what the true agenda of the insurance companies and FDA really are.

I am learning more about diabetes and from the people I have talked with, several have been able to appeal the decision of their insurance company to have them cover it. It's very easy for the insurance company to say no. Most people will accept no as the final answer, but it doesn't have to be that way. I have been told to get your doctor to fill out a form called a Letter of Medical Necessity, it's very similar to a prescription. Even people with pre-diabetic glucose readings have gotten this. Prior to getting this letter, you will probably need to have readings from a blood glucose meter for at least 30 days or so and maybe even lab work.

Many members of my own family and several friends have diabetes and chose not to wear one, some are covered and some aren't. I am aware some diabetics are upset about non-diabetics having access to purchase CGMs. I have been able to chat with a few and a few weren't covered and didn't try to appeal. A few others aren't really doing anything to manage their diabetes and some are even eligible to get a CGM completely covered and chose not to. I want to be open in understanding, so if you are a diabetic upset by this video from my blog post, I would love to chat with you to understand your feelings. If I can help in anyway, I would love to.

The thing is, a CGM isn't a magic device that will make diabetes go away. You have to be willing to read the data and learn from it. You have to be willing to make changes to your lifestyle based on the data the CGM shares. It's not going to do the work for you, yet the data it gives you is GOLD!!

Below is a brief introduction video to why I am so excited to have this device and learn from it. At the very end of the video I put it on. Honestly I didn't believe everyone when I heard them say it doesn't hurt. Several times with my finger pricking with the blood glucose monitor I didn't pay attention to the setting and it was way too much and it hurt pretty bad. Once I saw the needle on the CGM (as you will see in the video) I got a little nervous.

After you get the CGM on, you simply scan it to start syncing with your phone. It will then let you know it has to warm up and should take about an hour before it starts to show your data. The photos below are screenshots taken from my SuperSapiens app on my phone.

I'll post more as I learn more about my own blood glucose on a personal level. All I can say is I am thrilled to begin this chapter of my life!

If you didn't get a chance to check out my previous blog post about why the CGM is so important to me, check it out here -