Using Hypervolt (Percussion massage) BEFORE your workout

Many people only think they use a percussion massage tool AFTER a workout. In this post, I will be explaining why it's great to actually use it BEFORE your workout too!

I'm a nationally certified massage therapist with 20 years experience and absolutely stand behind the use of these incredible tools. I even use them on my clients in my practice. I am also a personal trainer and know the importance of warming up muscles before strenuous activity. So you're getting the perspective and opinion of someone in both fields 😉

Why would you use it before a workout?

Two main reasons (as I explain in my YouTube video):

1 - The percussion will increase the blood flow and circulation to the area targeted.

2 - The action of the percussion will stimulate the flight or flight response and that sets off a chain reaction to get your body READY for work!

YouTube video - Using Hypervolt BEFORE workout

I have used both the Theragun and Hypervolt and much prefer the Hypervolt - I'll make a separate video for that 😉 I have the Hypervolt + but not too much changed from the previous model in the link below, so you can save $100 and just get the previous model - HYPERVOLT Yes, you could go with an even cheaper company, but in the long run, you get what you pay for. The Hypervolt is a quality product that I believe is the best on the market. I will post more on ways to use the Hypervolt on yourself to get the most out of your tool, as well as explaining more of the benefits.