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Best brush for getting out tangled, matted knots from naturally wavy hair

Struggling to find a way to brush out your matted, tangled hair? My naturally wavy hair is a magnet for knots! If I leave my hair down, it gets so tangled and matted on the bottom. The only way to keep it from insane knots is to straighten it - but I do not have the time or patience to do that anymore! I was introduced to this brush by my hair stylist and it changed everything! If you saw my video from about a year ago (, I publicly opened up about my 24-year secret struggle with depression and how it had consumed me. Leaving me unable or willing to brush or wash my hair for over 3 weeks at a time. It wasn't until I was able to identify my patterns and habits that allowed this issue to occur over and over again. I shared in the video the patterns and triggers I was noticing and then at the end did a reveal of what my depressed hair looks like. In the span of a year, countless women reached out to me thanking me for that video. I was still too ashamed to speak openly about everything - until now. After helping several women who were experiencing the same thing and truly understanding my place in this world, I decided to start sharing everything I can to help prevent women from falling into the depths of depression and suffering from mom guilt and fatigue. Here is the brush I am referring to in this video that has been so helpful with my hair and getting the tangles and matted knots out - It's not just the regular paddle brush from Wet Brush Pro with the flexible bristles. It has taller, flexible bristles, and it also has smaller, more rigid bristles. With this brush, I don't have to use coconut or sesame oil for the knots.

I know you aren't supposed to brush out wavy hair, however, I feel like this brush causes much less damage to my hair than the wide tooth comb I was using. You can use this brush on wet or dry hair, I find it to be effective in getting out the knots and tangles with both wet and dry hair. It also is pretty painless when you brush out the hair too, which was shocking to me. It would take me HOURS to brush out my hair using the wide tooth comb. This brush takes less than 10 minutes. I typically only wash my hair once a week now, sometimes two times. I am not a hair expert, just sharing what has worked with me and hoping by sharing, it may help you or someone you love.

----------------------- If you found this video helpful, please like it and subscribe to my YouTube channel. I will be making more content on this topic from now on. After all of the messages I get from the previous video, I realize I am not alone and I will do what I can to help other women know they aren't alone in this either.

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