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Detox Wave After Explant

I had my breast implants removed a little over a year ago now. While most of my health issues are now all gone, I still go through detox waves. I never know when they are coming, but I have been able to identify when lymph stagnation is beginning to occur now. This is my sign my body needs a little more support and care from me to help it get rid of the crap in my body.

Now before I start to get messages about detoxing and that's what my kidney and liver are for, yes, that is true. However, when an accumulation of toxins have built up in your body and adipose (fat) tissues, the kidney, liver, and lymph system may need a little more help. No, I am not trying to sell you anything. The best part about how I help my body is that most of it is free and the tools that you can opt to use that cost money are not expensive. Anyone can do it and you can do most of it from the comfort of your own home. The trick is - you have to be aware of what's happening in your body and know how to respond. This is where I come in.

To keep everything bite-size and easy to understand and apply, I will make this a series of posts and videos. In this post, I will be sharing HOW I (and how I teach my group and 1:1 clients) start to identify patterns and trends to see the story your body is trying to tell you. The key here is body awareness and actually writing it down somewhere vs. trying to remember when something started.

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