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Going on another diet?

My desire to get my clients OFF dieting caught fire when I saw how much damage the big industries (food, diet, pharma, and beauty) are doing to women and their mental health. They have created this storyline that tells us we NEED them to feel good in our bodies, look beautiful, and find happiness.

We get tied to a certain number on the scale and actually believe that when we achieve this number, everything in our life will be perfect, and we will be happy. If we don't achieve this number, we blame ourselves, feel guilty and shameful and our mental health takes a hit.

Usually, when we start on a new diet, we don't stop to think about a few things. Why do we want this? What is it going to feel like to achieve it? Am I doing this for me or someone/something else? What hasn't worked in the past, and what has? When you don't answer these (and a few other) questions, you are doomed to continue on this repetitive cycle of dieting, "failing", dieting, "failing", giving up, and settling for ______.

Every day I get to go on these INCREDIBLE journeys with women, empower them, believe in them until they believe in themselves, and watch them as they transform into the woman they KNOW is inside and they want to be. One of the best parts is not only seeing these women grow and change but seeing how their growth impacts everyone in their life.

That limiting belief you’re holding onto or that roadblock in your way? It’s time to say goodbye to it so you can say hello to not feeling like you need to be on a diet to find happiness or a certain size of clothing or a number on the scale.

When your body is healthy, it will naturally:

- shed excess body fat

- provide you with endless energy

- feel refreshed after sleeping

- not allow stress to take over your body and mind

- no longer be in pain

So now, you have a choice. Stay on this diet roller coaster and constantly be miserable OR take action and get off the ride by tuning into your body and what it needs and no longer feeling dependent on outside sources to define who you are and what you need.

I'm doing something I have never done before. After seeing the incredible results of my previous clients and the impact our time working together had on them, I am turning my 1:1 private client sessions into a group container! In the next few days, I will be sharing more details, but if this sounds like something you are called to join, message me and I'll give you the details.

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